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Brides and Grooms


Can I avail your services without any payments ?

We are not accepting free registrations. You can submit your profile . So that you can evaluate our service without payment.

How to register in BandG matrimony ?

You can register online by clicking the REGISTER button for Complete registration OR You can use Quick Register Facility for Quick Registration .

I have not renewed for the past one year, can i continue to avail your service ?

Yes, you can do a re-registration by paying the appropriate fee. (See fees Structure)

Why these is a registration fee ? Why do i pay after materialising marriage thru your service ?

Our role is to give you exposure to the potential candidates and their families. The registration fee is towards this publishing and maintenances of the system.

What will happen when i send message to a party thru web site ?

Your message will be placed in the InBox of the other member. You can view the status of each message depending on the action by the other member in your Out Box. If it is pending for more than a week, ask us to remind that party to take a decision.

Unable to load/change photo in the site

Photo is displayed after the approval by Bethlehem team. Please refresh your page and check. The whole systems works on information exchange. If all the information is open with out any restriction, there won t be any thing to exchange and this service will be stand still.

Can I change my password that I have submitted at Registration ?

You can do that by logging on to the site and using the link on Change Password.

How can I change the information I submitted at Registration ?

You can change information added at registration by clicking the Edit my Profile feature on your Account Page.

What do I enter in the field About my family ?

The About my Family field helps you write about your family, what kind of family you are, members, family values etc. All content in this space is screened for objectionable matter.

Is registering profile on the site free ?

Yes, you can enter your profile on the site completely free. You can also add your photo, horoscope etc on the site free.